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Soooo glad I found Starr! It's always hard to find someone who gets my hair- thin, curly and a bunch of it. But Starr totally gets how to make it look great, every time. The salon is so cute, warm and inviting. She definitely loves what she does, and it shows in her attention to detail and customer service. I can't recommend her enough.

Elizabeth Crozer

Starr is the only one I trust with my curls. She does an amazing job! She gives life to my curls and has helped me to love my curls.

Nicole Salazar

I took my daughter and Starr was so patient with her knots. I have never seen my daughter love her curls like she does after Starr helped her. Will be returning and recommending.

Maria Sicairos

Im so happy with my violet hair! Starr knew how to work with my curly hair and gave me ac curly cut. Now its way easier to style and I love how the color pops in the sunlight.

Sabrina Calderon

Time to try a new salon for my curly hair. Its difficult to find someone who knows what their doing with curly hair. Fortunate I found Starr. The minute I walked into her salon and met her, I knew I was in the right place. She studied my hair first and asked me questions. I was impressed. I have finally found a place to take care of my curly hair the right way. Thank you Starr.

Sherry F

Starr knows her curls. As a curly haired woman who wears her curls instead of straightening them out, I had never in my life had a hairdresser who truly understood how to cut curls. In fact, I had never had a curly cut before going to Starr. For those who don't know a curly cut involves cutting the curls while its dry so the hairdresser can really see how the curls will fall. When I found Starr a year ago at a cool salon in downtown Ventura, I felt as though I'd met my hairs soulmate. Now, she has opened her own cool, hip salon in Camarillo. Not only does she listen to what you'd like done to your hair, but she is a sweet, caring person. Check out her'll love her too!

Melanie M.

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