Curly cut 

Custom curly cut, wash, moisture treatment and style



Curly cut with no wash/style


curlNot offering kids cuts at this time.



Wash and style: $80



Moisture treatment with style: $100


By appointment only. Please allow 24-48 hour response time.

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Day of your appointment

Please arrive to your appointment with 1-2 day hair. Somewhat detangled is fine, no heavy products please. Hair should be worn down, no braids or ponytails. We need to see your natural texture so we can trim/cut accordingly. If your hair isn't prepped as instructed above, I reserve the right to refuse and reschedule the appointment. Average appointment time can be up to 2 hours. If you arrive earlier than your appointment time, please send a text before coming in. Please do not bring children to the appointment. We are excited to help you with your curls! See you soon!